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Eric Pfeiffer

Eric Pfeiffer served as the VP of Design at Offi from 2000 through 2004, directing the Offi innovation process. During his tenure at Offi, he was credited with several design awards, including the 2003 ID Magazine award for the Offi Perch Lounge. Also while at Offi, Eric co-authored a book called "Bent Ply: the Art of Plywood Furniture", which features the step-by-step making of the Offi Wave Desk.

In January 2005 Eric started his new design studio "Pfeiffer Lab" with the goal of exploring the "the design of everyday objects in our lives." Pfeiffer Lab relies on Eric's penchant for simplicity of form to create useful and elegant solutions for everyday living. His reductive designs are expressed in timeless forms that recognize a product's usefulness and necessity while exhibiting the beauty and honesty of a products material.

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Look-Me Chairs

Mag Table HPL
Overlap Tray

Perf Boxes
Tiki Stool

Woody Chalkboard Table

Birch Bench Box

Walnut Bench Box
White HPL Bench Box

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