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Iglooplay is an eco-friendly children's furniture collection from Lisa Albin Design that combines organic forms, ergonomics and a modernist sensibility to playfully engage both children and adults. The designs respond to the idea that child development flourishes from contact with sculptural forms, material variation and color; they incorporate bent plywood, hardwood veneers, rich colors and soft, upholstered foam. The furniture provides a safe sense of place for children, enhances creativity through play and integrates gracefully into contemporary, everyday life. Iglooplay's modern point of view embraces simplicity, quality and above all, respect for children.

Because nurturing our children and our earth are a perfect fit, we use ecofriendly materials that will sustain families and the environment for many years to come. We use resource-efficient molded ply construction with hardwood veneers which have been obtained from sustained yield forestry practice. All products meet or exceed applicable safety standards and are designed for high durability in residential and contract use. The multi-functional designs were inspired by observations of designer Lisa Albin's two young daughters at play and how they artfully created a sense of place using the objects around them.

The low and wide proportions, organic shapes and ease-of-use to enhance the spontaneous and creative process that children naturally express in their daily play. Child's play has a profound sense of purpose; it is not all folly, but a necessity for children to learn how to negotiate their developing physical and intellectual skills. As Maria Montessori said, "play is a child's work." The designs are multigenerational; engaging, aesthetically pleasing, and adaptable for various adult uses as well.

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Iglooplay Mod Pad

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