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Elephant Stool
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First designed and produced in 1954 in Fiberglass, after a long absence from the marketplace Vitra has reintroduced the stool in recyclable polypropylene. A great stool for both you and your mini. Works great as a side table, step stool or portable seat. The form reminded us of a stool in one of our favorite cartoons. The new Elephant Stool is lightweight, stackable, and suitable for outdoor use. . .a cinch to clean!


Materials: Recyclable polypropylene

**Tip: Appropriate for outdoor use

(inches, unless specified)
W20.75" H14.75" D19"

Sori Yanagi, 1954


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Price: ON SALE! $170.00 $144.50
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Sorry, this product is not available until November. Please call 800-483-5643 if you would like to pre-order this item.
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