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Steelcase Holiday Sale! From Nov. 29th - Dec. 11th, all our Steelcase products are 15% off!

In addition to the many Steelcase products we offer on our website, there are additional products and variations we sell only through Amazon. If you don't see what you want on Pure Design Online or Pure Design Kids, check out our Amazon recommendations.

Founded in 1912 in Grand Rapids, Michigan - and then known as The Metal Office Furniture Company - Steelcase prides itself on doing its research! Steelcase uses case studies around the globe to determine if our office furniture is truly meeting our needs in today's growing, global community.

The Metal Office Furniture Company received its first patent in 1914 for a steel waste basket called Victor. This product was revolutionary because it was fireproof. Forty years later, the company became Steelcase.

Architecture, furniture, and technology are the three driving elements in a work environment and therefore the three core members of the Steelcase portfolio. With commitments to a US wind farm and EcoCradle, a bio-based packaging material, there's no doubt Steelcase is doing its part to go green.

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Campfire Personal Table
Campfire Paper Table

Buoy Seating
Alight Lounge

Hosu Lounge w Ottoman
Millbrae 1 Seat Bench

Millbrae 2 Seat Bench
Millbrae 1 Seat Lounge

Jenny End Table

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